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Strapless sweetheart A-line dress featuring a ruched band and embellishment on empire waist and scattered beading on bodice.

Available Colours: Baby Blue, Red, Royal, Turquoise


Baby blue





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UK  4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
US  2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30
Germany 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
Holland 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
Italy 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64
France 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60
Japan 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31



UK  4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
  inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 32 81.5 33 84 34 86.5 35 89 36.5 92.5 38 96.5 39.5 100.5 41 104
Waist 23.5 60 24.5 62.5 25.5 65 26.5 67.5 28 71 30 76.5 31.5 80 33 84
Hips 35.5 90.5 36.5 93 37.5 95.5 38.5 98 40.5 103 41.5 105.5 43 109.5 44.5 113
Hollow-Hem 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150
Hollow-Waist 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36
Waist-Floor 45 115 45 115 45 114.5 45 114.5 45 115 45 115 45 115 45 115


UK  20 22 24 26 28 30 32
  inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 42.5 108 44.5 113 46.5 118 48.5 123.5 50.5 128.5 53.5 136 56.5 144
Waist 35 89 37 94 39.5 100.5 41.5 105.5 44 112 47 119.5 50 127
Hips 46 117 47.5 120.5 49.5 126 51.5 131 53.5 136 56.5 143.5 59.5 151
Hollow-Hem 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150
Hollow-Waist 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36 14 36
Waist-Floor 45 115 45 114.5 45 114.5 45 114.5 45 115 45 115 45 115


UK  4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
  inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 32 81.5 33 84 35 89.0 36 91.5 37.5 95.5 39 99 39.5 100.5 42 107
Waist 24 61 26.0 66.0 27.0 68.5 28.0 71 29 73.5 30.5 77.5 31.5 80 34 86.5
Hips 35.5 90 36.5 95.5 37.5 95.5 38.5 98 39.5 100.5 41 104 43 109.5 44 112


UK  20 22 24 26 28 30
  inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 43 109 44 112 46 117 48 122 51 129.5 54 137
Waist 35 89 37 94 39 99 41 104 43 109 46 117
Hips 45.5 115.5 47.5 120.5 49.5 126 51.5 131 53 134.5 56 142.5


Mother of Bride

UK  4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 35 89 36 91.5 37 94 38 96.5 39.5 100.5 41 104 42.5 108 45.5 116
Waist 27.0 68.5 28 71 29 73.5 30 76 31.5 80 33 84 34.5 87.5 37.5 96
Hips 38.0 96.5 39 99 40 101.5 41 104 42.5 108 44 112 45.5 115.5 47.5 120.5


UK  20 22 24 26 28 30 32
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 48.5 123 50.5 129 52.5 133.5 54.5 138.5 56.5 143.5 58.5 148.5 60.5 153.5
Waist 40 101.5 42 107 44 112 46 117 48 122 50 127 52 132
Hips 49.5 126 52 132 54.5 138.5 57 145 59 150 61 155 63 160





With the wide array of brands and styles available, the search for The Special Dress for one of the most important days of your life may feel overwhelming and leave you feeling lost. We have written a guide with the aim to help make your search more enjoyable.

Do your research

Read books, magazines, websites to familiarise yourself with different styles, collections, brands and price range the market has to offer. This will help you sieve out the styles and brands that are suitable for you.

Be honest about who you are

Your wedding dress should reflect the person that you are. Do not feel pressurised to pick a more traditional style simply because you feel it is more appropriate or because a relative has expressed a preference. Think about how you usually choose to dress. Are you individualistic? Do you follow fashion trends? With the countless wedding dress styles there are, you will not find it hard to find one that will suit your personality.

Be realistic and choose within your budget

The wedding dress is one of the biggest purchases for a wedding, so you should budget for it once you have done your research and have an idea of how much you want to spend on the dress. While it will be tempting to disregard your budget constraints if and when you find a dress you cannot afford, be resolute and remember that you will only wear the dress once. Do not let a heat of the moment purchase compromise other aspects of your wedding. Explore your options and find out everything from costs of alternations to cancellation policies to safeguard your position. A wedding dress is often an expensive purchase, so you will want to purchase with full knowledge of the terms and conditions.

Try different styles on

You may have grown up visualising your wedding and you in a dramatic ball gown dress walking down the aisle. Or you may have been fixated on wearing a mermaid dress. However sure you think you are, you should try on at least one other style just to see yourself in a different style than that you think you want. The reason being, the style you like may not necessarily look good on you. Take a look at our Silhouette Guide to understand what dress shape would be most flattering for your body shape. Trying on different styles is the easiest way to decide what shape works best for you. Visit a bridal store with a good friend and have fun in the process!

Other important considerations

Are you going abroad for your wedding? Consider how you will transport your dress. Will you be bringing it on board with you as hand luggage? Is it a beach wedding? Consider if a ball gown with a long train is really appropriate.

Are there religious restrictions on what you may wear? Do you need to cover your shoulders? Or would you be required to wear a veil?

Is your wedding in the summer? Consider the thickness of the fabric. You will want to choose lighter fabrics for the summer such as chiffon and thicker fabrics such as duchesse satin for the winter.

Last but not least, remember that your wedding is a joyful occasion, instead of stressing during the decision making process, enjoy each and every step you take that takes you one step closer to marrying the man of your dreams. 



Silhouette Guide

Your gown may appear to be a single creation. In reality, it is the sum of different elements. Individually, these parts create certain visual effects and flatter your figure. Together, they express your individual style and form your perfect gown. To start with, look at the overall silhouette of various gowns— big and puffy, sleek and slender, or somewhere in between – and decide which appeals to you most.

Ball gown
The Ballgown is the most traditional of all shapes. Romantic and fairy tale-like, the ball gown with its fitted bodice and dramatic full skirt is the epitome of the princess bride. Usually featuring a full train and volumes of petticoats, this style works well for medium height to tall women. If you are petite, you should steer clear of this silhouette as you risk being drowned in the dress and will look shorter. If you are pear shaped (small bust and larger hips), this style emphasises the waist and hides the hips, which will create a leaner silhouette.


Princess line

The Princess line is a flattering style, ideal for creating a statement that is sculptural and uncluttered. It suits most body types and heights, but looks particularly good on tall, curvaceous figures. If you have a long body and relatively short legs, the high waist and shape and flare of the skirt can help re-proportion you.

A line
The most popular silhouettefor bridal gowns, it is universally flattering on most body shapes. With a fitted bodice that is cut close to the ribcage and flared skirt in an A-shape, it is a more understated and modern take on the ball gown. There are many variations available in this style including the fullness of the skirt, the length of train and necklines. The style is elongating and the emphasised waist helps define a shapelier figure.

Empire line
Think Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice-- raised waistline cut beneath the bust, with the skirt extending from the bust line. This style works well for most body shapes. The raised waistline elongates the body; great for hiding a pear shaped figure, short legs, long body and small busts.

Reminiscent of what Hollywood's 1930s movie sirens wore on the Red Carpet, this figure-hugging style is for those who are confident and want to show off their curves. The gown is fitted all the way to the knees where it flares out. To wear this style well, you should have a curvy figure but also be relatively slim and toned.

Fit and flare
This is a modification of the Mermaid style. The gown is fitted until it either flares out at the hip or just below the hips, which is higher than in a Mermaid, giving the bride more freedom in moving around. Typically featuring a more dramatic skirt in length and volume than the Mermaid, this style is great on medium height to tall women.


The Short/Cocktail Dress
For the bold and sassy bride, the Cocktail Dress is ideal for destination and informal weddings or as a second dress, worn during the reception. The length of the dress allows the bride to move around more freely than any floor length gown. Many of our dresses are designed to allow the bride to change from a full length, which is usually preferred for the ceremony, to a cocktail length, for the reception and party.


The Sheath/Column Dress
The Sheath is a figure-hugging and slim-fitting silhouette that is most flattering on tall and toned brides, although if you are slim and petite, it can help elongate your silhouette. It is a popular style for intimate and casual weddings as well as destination weddings such as beach weddings.




How to Press Your Wedding Dress

After receiving your wedding dress from us, it is essential that you take the wedding dress out of the box and hang it on a hanger. The longer the dress is folded in the box, the more creases it will have. Keep the dress away from direct sunlight as the fabric and beads can get discoloured.

When you are ready to press your dress, either on the day of the wedding or the day before, use a steam iron for the job. If you do not have one at home, we recommend that you take the dress to a professional drycleaner to have it pressed there. Most hotels will have a steam iron and you may request to borrow it.

Ensure that the water in the steamer is clean. One way to be sure of this is to use drinking water to fill the steamer. When steam first appears, the nozzle may spray droplets of water. Do not start steaming your dress at this point, as the droplets of water will create watermarks on your dress. Although watermarks are not permanent damage, it may take some time to fade, and therefore can be a nuisance if your wedding is an hour away. Wait till the droplets finish spraying and only steam is emitted from the nozzle. When steaming your dress, hold the steamer’s nozzle at least 10 cm away from the fabric and take care to not press the nozzle onto beads as the heat of the steam can damage the beads. Be sure to steam any under layers such as petticoats, which may be creased during transit. The petticoat gives the dress its shape and therefore any creases will directly affect the way the skirt looks.

How to Clean Your Wedding Dress

The first thing to consider when deciding whether you should dry-clean or wet-clean your wedding dress is what fabric your dress is made of. It is a myth that wedding dresses must be dry-cleaned. If your wedding gown is made with polyester, you can hand wash it at home. Wet-cleaning has its advantages—It is the best way to remove food stains, sugar spills and dirty hems; It does not leave chemicals on the dress if it is well rinsed and therefore will help keep the dress in the best possible condition; It removes fabric sizing, which is a starch like substance that is added to garments during manufacturing and attracts vermin.

If your dress is made of silk, rayon or acetate, dry-cleaning would be suitable. Please see below for tips.

Wet-cleaning Steps

  •    Inspection

Look over the dress for stains and determine what the stain consists of. Remember to check the hemline as most wedding gowns will have trains and after a long day of walking around, the hemline is usually soiled. Have the appropriate cleaning products on hand. You will need liquid detergent, a soft toothbrush and specialist stain removal products if necessary.

  •    Clean the Hem

Keeping the body of the dress out of the water, soak the hem in a bathtub half filled with lukewarm water mixed with some detergent for a few hours. After the soak, use a toothbrush and liquid detergent to brush the hemline clean. Take care not to damage delicates by scrubbing too vigorously on beads, lace and trims. Rinse thoroughly when complete.

  •    Clean the Bodice and lining

Turn the dress inside out and spray the lining of the bodice with soapy water. Using a toothbrush, clean perspiration stains that may appear around the underarm region. Look over the lining of the skirt and clean any stains you find.

  •    Clean the outside of the dress

Should you find any stains, spray it with soapy water and use a toothbrush to gently massage the fabric. Add liquid detergent if necessary. Use specialist stain removers such as OxyClean on tougher stains and let the solution soak until the stain disappears. Do not use bleach as this can permanently damage the fabric.

  •    Rinse the whole dress

Fill the bathtub with warm water and place the whole dress in the tub. Swish the dress around to rinse out the soap. Drain the water and fill the tub again, repeat the rinsing process until the water is clear of soap bubbles. It should take at least three rinses. It is essential that all the soap be rinsed out as lingering cleaning agents will damage the fabric.

  •    Dry the dress

The dress should be dried lying flat and not by hanging it on a hanger as the weight of the wet dress could damage the dress in the process. One way is to place the dress over a vinyl coated drying rack. The weight of the dress should be equally distributed over the rack. Another way is to place a clean towel over a shower enclosure and then place the dress over the towel. Place some dry towels on the floor underneath to catch the dripping water. After several hours and after the bulk of the water has dripped away, you may hang dry the dress.

  •    Press the dress

Please see above How to Press Your Wedding Dress for tips.


Dry-cleaning tips

Always pick an experienced and reputable dry-cleaner to ensure your wedding gown is handled professionally. Always use a dry-cleaner who uses virgin solvents during the cleaning process. Virgin solvents mean that it has not been recycled after being used to clean other garments. Garments that are cleaned with recycled solvents will have a dry clean odour to it. Next, you should find out what dry-cleaning solvents will be used. The common dry-cleaning solvents are:

  •     Perchloroethylene

Commonly known as perc, this is the most common solvent used. It is the best for degreasing and the best choice if your dress is silk, rayon or acetate and quite dirty. However, it is also more likely to damage sequins and beads.

  •     Stoddard solvent

This is gentler than perc and is a good option for dresses with sequins and beads.

  •     Exxon DF-2000

Also known as Hydro-carbon. Like Stoddard, it is safer for beads and sequins, but it is not as effective at degreasing as perc and Stoddard.

  •     Greenearth

Like Exxon, it is safer for beads and sequins, but not as effective at degreasing as the other solvents. However, this is the most environmentally friendly solvent.

Dresses made with silk, rayon or acetate, without beads and sequins should use dry-cleaners that use perc. If your dress has beads and sequins, do not use perc. If your dress is made in polyester, wet-cleaning would be the better option. Please see above for tips and steps. 


Before taking your measurements

It is imperative that when you submit your measurements, you either have already purchased the shoes that you will be wearing on the day of your wedding or you are certain of the height of the heels you desire to be wearing. The dress will be made according to the measurements you give us. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. The height of the heels directly affects the length of the dress. While alterations can be made easily to dresses with a plain hem, alterations can be costly when the hem is decorated with lace and beadings. Please see our Returns policy and Alterations Policy for more information.

Body transformations
Many brides undergo body transformations in the lead up to the wedding. Dieting and exercising are common to bride-to-bes who want to look their best on the most important day of their lives, while stress and other medical conditions may also affect your body. It is therefore important to bear this in mind when submitting your measurements. If you plan on going on a drastic body transformation, remember to be realistic in setting your goal and that the only way to success is to combine eating well and exercise. We recommend that you order the dress when you are at least half way to your target weight, to ensure that your diet plan is working. Please also see our Returns policy concerning dresses that are made to measure.

Corset Back Closure
Gowns with corset back closures can easily be adjusted to that one size up and one size down from your normal size will still fit you. If you fall between two sizes, you can choose either size because the closure will adjust the fitting for you. If youa re unsure, choose the larger size, as it is easier to take the fabric in rather than let it out.

How to take your measurements
We recommend that you ask a friend or family member to take your measurements for you or preferably by a professional seamstress or tailor to ensure the measurements are accurate. Wear the kind of undergarments you will be wearing on the day, for example if you plan on wearing a strapless bra, then wear that and not another type of bra. If you plan on wearing Spanx or other support type undergarments, you must wear these when having your measurements taken. Remember to keep your thumb behind the tape and do not pull it tight. The tape should rest comfortably on your body without being too tight or too loose. Always stand straight with your arms relaxed by your side.

Full Bust Measurement: The measuring tape should cover your back and the fullest part of your bust, going over your nipples. Under Bust Measurement: The measuring tape should cover your back and underneath your bust. Nipple to Nipple Measurement: This is the distance between your nipples.

Your waist is where it is the smallest circumference on your torso. If you stand straight and bend to one side, the bend is where your waist is. Please do not submit waist measurements taken from jeans or other clothing. Do not suck your stomach in when measuring your waist. You should breath out naturally. If you are of a larger frame and size, place the measuring tape midway between your hip bone and bottom of your ribs to get your waist measurement.

Hip Measurement: The measuring tape should go around the widest part of your hips.
Waist to Hip Measurement: This is the distance between your waist to your hips. This measurement is required when your dress is fitted over your lower hips such as a Mermaid style.

Shoulder to Shoulder Measurement: This is the distance between your arm sockets, across your back. Your arm sockets start an inch in from the edge of your shoulders.
Shoulder to Bust Measurement: The distance between your shoulder down to your nipple. Start from where your shoulder meets the base of your neck. Follow the natural contour of your body.

Shoulder to Waist Measurement: The distance between the top of your shoulder (start from where your shoulder meets the base of your neck) and your waist, following the contour of your body and over your bust.
Waist to Hem Measurement: From your waist, measure down to where the hem would be in the front, with your shoes on. The hem should just be touching the floor.
Hollow to Hem Measurement: This is the distance between the hollow at the base of the front of your neck and the hem.
Total Height Measurement: Measure from the top of your head, down your back, to the floor with shoes on.

Only appropriate if your dress has sleeves
Bicep Measurement: The circumference of the widest part of your upper arm.
Around the Shoulders Measurement: Wrap the measuring tape around the top of your shoulders in a full loop.
Arms Eye Measurement: This is the circumference of your desired sleeve hole. Measure from under your arm around to the top of your shoulder and down again in a full loop.

Arm Length Measurement: Only appropriate if your dress has long sleeves. This is the length between the shoulder and wrist.
Wrist Circumference: Only appropriate if your dress has long sleeves. Measure your wrist in a full loop.



Wedding and Prom Dresses

Processing time will depend on whether you have purchased a Showroom Special or whether you have ordered a standard size or custom made dress. Dresses under our Showroom Special section are in stock and ready to be shipped. Please see below for more information on shipping. All other dresses are made only when ordered. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for our professional seamstresses to make a wedding dress.


Evening, Party Dresses

These will take 4 to 6 weeks.


Accessories and Lingerie

If you have ordered items that are in stock, we can arrange delivery within 3 to 5 working days. If your item is out of stock, we will contact you within 24 hours to advise on the processing time.



If you want your wedding dress made within 30 days instead of 6-8 weeks, a surcharge of 30% of the price will apply. For evening dresses, a rush order of 20 days will incur a 30% surcharge. Please note that this only means that your wedding or evening dress will be made expressly, actual delivery will depend on the delivery method chosen by you.



Shipping Information

How long will it take?

Wedding Dresses and Prom Dresses


Unlike many of our competitors, we do not stock dresses as maintaining stock is costly (which is a cost that is passed onto customers), all our wedding dresses including standard sized dresses, are only made when ordered, with dresses in our showroom special section being the exception. Also, one of the advantages of having your dress freshly made is that you can rest assured that there will not be discolouration, which sometimes occurs in fabric and beads due to exposure to light.

It takes time to make a high quality dress, as everything is hand made. Our standard delivery is 6-8 weeks from the day we receive your order. While the dress making process cannot be rushed, we can streamline production of your dress if you are pressed for time. Our rush fee for any dress is 30% of its value. For example, for a £100 pound dress, a £30 rush fee will apply. Please note that although this rush fee will cut the production time for the dress to half (3 to 4 weeks instead of 6 to 8 weeks), we will send your dress through standard delivery unless you choose express delivery to speed up delivery. We will not be responsible for any delay or be liable to any loss or exchange if you have neglected to choose the correct delivery option.

*Please note that delivery to more remote destinations is more likely to incur delays. If this is of concern to you, please contact us before you order.




Other Dresses including Evening, Bridesmaids, Mother of Bride, Party, Homecoming

Like our wedding dresses, our occasion dresses are also made only when ordered and it takes time for our professional dressmakers to tailor your dress.

Our rush fee for any dress is 30% of its value. For example, for a £100 pound dress, a £30 rush fee will apply. Please note that although this rush fee will cut the production time for the dress to half (2 to 3 weeks instead of 4 to 6 weeks), we will send your dress through standard delivery unless you choose express delivery to speed up delivery. We will not be responsible for any delay or be liable to any loss or exchange if you have neglected to choose the correct delivery option.

Accessories including Tiaras, Jewellery, Lingerie and Petticoats

We maintain a good level of stock for accessories. We usually ship within 3-5 working days of receiving your order. In the event of an item being out of stock, we will notify you within 24 hours of receiving your order and notify you of when you should expect delivery. You may cancel your order if you do not wish to proceed with the order.

**Please note that all time frames mentioned refer to the time we ship out your order and NOT when you will receive your order. When you receive your item will depend on the destination to which the order is sent (your country of residence) and the delivery option you have chosen.

Costs & Options

UK (excluding Channel Islands and Northern Ireland) - Free Delivery on all items.

International Destinations
Delivery costs will depend on the destination and weight of your order. We also offer standard and express delivery options. Express delivery will be more expensive but it also means that you will receive your order sooner. We use FedEx or DHL for all express delivery. The following information is for guidance only, the actual time and cost of delivery may differ.

(customer choose from a drop box her country, then the following information appears: standard and express delivery times and costs for accessories, evening/bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses)



Accessories, Wedding Gifts, Standard Size Gowns

We offer full refund excluding shipping cost or international duties. If your items were sent to you by free delivery, we will deduct the delivery costs from your refund. In cases of exchange, you are responsible for the delivery costs of the exchange item.

If returning or exchanging goods, you must first contact us in order for us to authorise the return. You must inform us within 24 hours upon receiving your item. Any orders returned without prior authorisation will delay the process or be denied refunds. Items should be returned at your cost within 7 days with all the original packaging. Items should be returned unused and with all packaging in tact. Returns that are damaged or soiled may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer and/or a refund refused. 

It is recommended that you use a trusted courier and insure your parcel as we will not credit for goods that are lost or damaged in transit; as you are under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods and will be liable for damage to them until we receive them at our warehouse. In case of dispute, we also recommend you retain proof of sending. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of us receiving your cancellation notice. If we do not receive the cancelled order back, we will arrange to have it collected from you at your cost.


Sale, Custom Made Items and InvisiBra

We operate a no returns or exchange policy on these items.